Thursday, August 3, 2017

Duromax XP10000E 10000 Watt Generator Review

The Duromax XP10000E 10000 watt generator is a powerful device that you can use on campsites, in your home or on the road. An RV is easy to use when you have a such powerful generator onboard, and this product from Duromax gives you the power you need for every application. You have an opportunity to set up a power supply in your home that is more than reliable, or you may power a large campsite using the generator.

Duromax XP10000E 10000 watt generator (for example: GOAL ZERO YETI 1250 SOLAR GENERATOR KIT ) works fine in a variety of settings including camping, small to medium size outdoor events and musical rehearsals. It also acts as a powerful power supply in emergency situations such as the unexpected power outages. Therefore it can also be effectively used in ordinary home setting.

Features of the DuroMax XP10000E Portable Generator
Duromax XP10000E comes equipped with a fuel tank that measures at almost nine gallons. The generator surges at 10,000 volts, making it suitable for large scale use. You may maintain the power on the generator at 8000 volts for a long period of time.
Duromax created a low oil shutoff switch that will prevent the generator from running after it has lost too much oil. Of course, you still need to maintain the generator in the best way you know how, but the generator will stop itself from running with no oil in the tank.
You can choose between the electric and manual starter. You can easily use the manual starter when the electric starter is not working. Otherwise, the electric starter will get the generator going in just a moment.
The 16 horsepower engine will run for 10 hours on a full tank. It is worthy noting that it will run at its maximum power capacity for the whole duration of its fuel supply.
The steel frame on the Duromax XP10000E 10000 watt generator is going to protect it from damage, and there is a cover that prevents the generator from being damaged by rain or wind. Debris will also not make its way into the generator. You can easily clean the generator with a damp cloth should it get dirty.

The Duromax XP10000E is a durable piece of equipment that will help you power your equipment, your home or your RV. The XP10000E is strong enough to run your whole home in the midst of a storm, but at the same time the generator is small enough to stay out of the way.
The large fuel tank is going to keep the generator going for most of your waking hours, and you may refill the tank at any time to keep it going. Users of the Duromax 10000E will find it relatively easy to pull along on a trip. We also admire the fact that it is easy to clean in case it has been through some bad weather.
We like the way the Duromax XP10000E provides power to large groups of people for long periods of time, and the massive surge in voltage on the generator makes it one of the most agreeable generators on the market today. You can hook this generator up to your home’s power lines, or you can switch it on when you get to your campsite in the evening.

The Duromax XP10000E is a bulky unit that may not fit in certain RVs, and you may have a hard time fitting it into your basement where your power supply enters the house. Generators of this size can become cumbersome, but honestly this is the only real issue you will discover with this unit.


The Duromax XP10000E is a sturdy unit that will provide you with the power you need to work outdoor events, live comfortably on a campsite and keep the house operating when you have lost power. Filling this generator is simple, and it shuts down at the first hint of trouble. Maintaining this generator is simple, and you can keep it with you for many years in the future.

A family that values safety and security should have a generator at home that can be taken with them at any time. The Duromax XP10000E will travel with the family or sit in the corner of the basement until it needs to be called into emergency use for the family.

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